Obviously, we like wine . Committed to our mission, we're here to help you find your taste & discover wines you truly enjoy . What makes us different? Our focus is not on big names & prestigious regions , instead we're constantly looking for the lesser known wine regions arond the world & underappreciated grape varieties .

What We Can Do For You?

We're offering bespoke services so you, your friends or your guests can learn more about wine while enjoying exciting sips of things you might not even know existed! Selecting premium wines is easy. Finding the quirkier bottles and winemakers out there is more difficult. And more fun, if you ask us.

  • Ask us about personalised tastings for groups up to 20-30 people.
  • Let us organise a general introductory tasting for you - for example as a corporate event or a special occasion.
  • Discuss your wine list with us to make it more interesting and stand out in a crowded market.
  • Work with us to research and analyse wine and industry trends for you

Get in touch , so can unscrew you!

Why Us?

  • We're a small team dedicated to make wine more fun.
  • We're about inspiring and innovative flavours and memories.
    We're not about traditional pairings and rigid rules.
  • We're independent and all that counts for us is that you're happy.

If you want to know more, learn about our story or just get in touch .